Creditor Services

  • Has one of your customers stopped making payments?
  • Has a client’s business collapsed, owing you money?
  • Have you received insolvency paperwork and are unsure where to start?

Help When Your Customer Is Insolvent

When a business suffers from bad debt, or a customer enters an insolvency process, you will need to act swiftly.

If you are concerned because your customer has stopped paying and you need to know how to recover the debt, please call us on 01270 212 700.

The paperwork and the insolvency process can be confusing and is often difficult to understand. Not only that, it can steal your time just when you need to focus on growing your business.

As your Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, we will ease you through the legal process of insolvency.

Our objective is to win you back the greatest amount of money in the shortest possible time.  

Call today and we will help you take the first steps to recovering your debt.

How the Process Starts

If the insolvency process is yet to begin (often started by a bank or other creditor), we may start insolvency proceedings for you if this would be the best way to recover your debt.  

Registering as a Creditor

You need to be formally recognised as a creditor and as your representative we will:

  • Raise the paperwork to submit your claim (such as a proof of debt)
  • Communicate with the Official Receiver’s representatives, other creditors and insolvency practitioner firms
  • Personally represent you at meetings of creditors (nationwide), and
  • Make the formal arrangements for repayments to you, making sure you receive them when due, and

As soon you appoint us, we set to work on investigating the assets available from which we can work to recoup the highest payment in the least time.

Investigating the Circumstances of an Insolvent Customer

We examine the insolvent customer’s activities to check for wrongful trading and to recover any undisclosed assets which may be used to pay off the debt. We are able to access computerised information systems to track down whatever assets are available from which to recover funds.

Your Voice Among Other Creditors

We challenge situations where the outcome may not be in your best interests such as:

  • Adverse effects of preferences
  • Transactions at undervalue
  • Excessive remunerations
  • Voidable dispositions

If you are concerned about the conduct of any business owners or directors before the insolvency please get in touch.

Why Mackenzie Goldberg Johnson?

In all insolvency proceedings you will need a proactive and approachable Licensed Insolvency Practitioner on your side.

Our practitioners are qualified, licensed, regulated and have the authority to handle all formal insolvency procedures such as:

If you need to take action to recover an outstanding debt, please talk to us today.

Recovering From Financial Loss

When the insolvency process is over, as business recovery experts, we can advise on the safeguards you can put in place to reduce the risk of financial loss.

For advice about the action you should take in any insolvency situation please call us today.

Next steps

If you are concerned about getting back money you are owed, please get in touch, we are here to help.

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